Leave it to the professionals

Tuesday 16 Jan 2018

The first reason is, of course, the most obvious: Taking photographs is their job. They know how to make areas look brighter, bigger and more inviting. Professional photographers know what areas will look best, and what angles will best capture the most desirable attributes of your home.
They know how to use the light to their advantage and they know how to frame the room just right so it looks the best it can possibly look.
On top of this, professionals know how to retouch the photos further to make them even more appealing. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean they change the colour of your walls or add in grass that isn’t there, it just means they enhance the features they have already shot.
This especially comes in handy on days where weather doesn’t particularly cooperate, or when you have views. Often, the exposure needed inside will not capture the view in the best way. A little nip and tuck in editing software and suddenly you can see how beautiful the water is outside, while still taking in the space inside.

While you may be tempted to snap some photos and hit some buttons through Photoshop to show your property perfectly, professionals know where to legally draw the line. There is a clear difference between retouching to make best use of the light, and retouching to falsely represent something. For example, trees, neighbouring buildings or cracks in the walls cannot be removed as this misleads the consumer.