Ready steady sell !

Tuesday 16 Jan 2018

An open home is a great way to promote your home to prospective buyers. With the right preparation, an open home can be very successful. 

Our three top tips:

  • Consider re-configuring rooms 

If you are advertising a three bedroom home for sale then that is what people will be seeing. Consider re-organising the rooms prior to the sale to show them to their best advantages. Hire or borrow some bedroom furniture, and put excess items in storage. Note: Crowded shelves and draws can make a room and storage places seem cluttered and smaller.

  • Tidy up the garden 

Keep In mind that first impressions count. Dig out the weeds, put mulch on the garden beds, keep paths and the driveway swept and make sure rubbish bins are clean and tucked away, remember the exterior is just as important as the interior. 

  • Not everyone loves your cat as much as you!

If you have pets, it's also advisable to keep them out of the house, or ask  friends or family to take care of them during inspections. keep in mind to air your house as well as store your pet bowls and toys prior to an inspection.